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Hiking in Nature




✔    5 Days/ 6 nights of connecting with nature, by being active!

✔    Walk on you own pace, but with our guidance

✔    Stay with local families or at mountain refugees

✔    Reach the top of the emblematic Pedraforca mountain
✔   Combines nature, gastronomy and culture
✔    Best in autumn and spring time

Start dreaming! 


Day 1 - Arrival
La Seu d'Urgell



We will await you at the starting point of our adventure: at the quaint village of La Seu d'Urgell. Should you be arriving by train or plane, we would be happy to arrange a transfer for you.

After check-in, there is time to discover La Seu d'Urgell, the capital of Alt Urgell. This beautiful village is located at the flat of l'Urgellet mountain and is surrounded by nature, with lots of optional activities.

Day 2

"The Shadow of Cadi"


And now it begins!


The route starts in the small and cozy village of Béixec, in La Cerdanya. The north face of the Cadí is the dominant view of the day. Enjoy the beautiful scenery which surprises us with stunning rock walls, lush forests and meadows.

Distance: 15 km / Elevation gain +: 1198 m / Elevation gain -: 521 m / Hours: 5h + stops

Day 3
"A different view"


The second day follows the Camí dels Segadors trail, passing by the Pas dels Gosolans. The trail is named after the inhabitants of Gósol who used to go to work in the Cerdanya during the harvest season. Today you will follow the same path where, since ancient times, porters, bandits, musicians and smugglers have crossed. Again, you will enjoy some great panoramic views of Cerdanya, the Berguedà and the Alt Urgell. 

Distance: 11.2 km / Elevation gain +: 400 m / Elevation gain -: 950 m / Hours: 5h + stops.

Day 4


At this stage you have 2 options: you can either make the ascent to Pedraforca ór opt for the circular tour of the massif.

Climbing the Pedraforca doesn´t mean just climbing a beautiful mountain. There is so much more behind it!


At the same time, you are part of a small but important portion of Catalan culture, as Catalans have always been attracted to this magical mountain with its spectacular shapes. Although the ascent to Pedraforca can be done in a self-guided way, we recommend doing it with our licences mountain guide .


Distance: 12.3 km / Elevation gain +: 1,100 m / Elevation gain -: 1,100 m / Hours: 6h + stops

The other option, the circular trail around the summit, allows you to explore the lower part of the mountain. You will be walking through  shady mountain forests, offering beautful views.

Distance: 17 km / Elevation gain +: 421 m / Elevation gain:: 421 m / Hours: 6h + stops

Day 5
"Stone villages"


Today´s route passes through the historic roads that used to connect the towns.


It takes you into the Vall de la Vansa and gives you an opportunity to get to know thevalley of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees up close and personal. This area breaths history due to ell-preserved stone villages and friendly locals. Optional visit: botanical garden and museum of the turpentines of Tuixent.

Distance: 17.5 km / Elevation gain +: 300 m / Elevation gain -: 520 m / Hours: 4h30 '+ stops.

Day 6
"Trails with a story"


The last day goes along a historical path full of vegetative and geological contrasts, leaving the Vansa- valley behind and entering the Urgellet-plain. At the end of the day, we will reach our final destination: La Seu d’Urgell.

Distance: 21 km / Elevation gain +: 800 m / Elevation gain:: 1,090 m / Hours: 6h + stops

You have come to the end of this multi day trail! Depending on your personalised itinerary, we will either take you back to the airport or bring you to your next stop in beautiful Catalonia, because there is still some much to discover!

                                                                                      Hasta pronto!


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